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It's Time to Know Yourself.

Guests are welcomed into a safe, sacred and inclusive retreat setting with medical supervision. We help you learn how to heal yourself with the powerful Iboga medicine and guidance of the Bwiti tradition of Gabon, Africa. 


The Journey Starts Here…

The spirit medicine of Iboga is powerful, transformative and honest. To receive its miraculous gifts, we must first foster honesty with ourselves, about where we are and what we’re ready for.


This journey starts long before the retreat, with appropriate preparation and health tests to ensure your safety and elevate your experience.  Proper preparation is properly acting in self-love.  We have a thoughtful and personalized intake process and necessary pre-testing. 


It's all about



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Bwiti is the Study of Life. Iboga is the Teacher. 

Bwiti (bwee-tee) is the centuries old spiritual tradition of the Babongo Tribe of Gabon. Mark and Robyn have received complete Bwiti initiation and maintain the full integrity of these practices, honoring Bwiti as a complete methodology. They have the blessing and mandate from their Gabonese teachers to bring this healing to those in the west.


All IbogaSoul retreats provide guests with the opportunity to meet this medicine in an authentic way that honors its origins.

Bwiti talk’ is Real Talk.

First and foremost, Bwiti is an oral tradition. In IbogaSoul sessions the talk is as important as the medicine. Healing work happens in the container of ceremony with the aid of Bwiti counseling, not just on a visionary quest. Bwiti talk facilitates ‘instagration’, the instant integration of your experience. Breakthroughs happen at all and any stage. Robyn and Mark are full Bwiti oral practitioners, and guide clients through a complete experience of Bwiti coaching. It’s a full journey, not just a trip.


The Medicine

Most known for its derivative Ibogaine which has transformed western medicine’s approach to treating addiction, Iboga is a sacred plant central to the West African spiritual tradition of Bwiti. While Ibogaine is just one of many active alkaloids found in Iboga root bark, Iboga contains all naturally occurring compounds. 


IbogaSoul retreats utilize Total Alkaloid Extract, which provides the complete array of alkaloids found in the Iboga root. This full-spectrum plant medicine provides full-spectrum healing, something we call the Total Alkaloid Party.

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Honed in age-old spiritual tradition from the west of Africa and backed by modern science, Iboga medicine can provide radical psycho-spiritual healing and dramatically change your life. You are not chained to your current reality. You are not destined to remain disconnected, but to be whole, joyous and free.

Our Center

When you attend a Ceremony with Mark and Robyn, you are welcomed into a sacred space designed to serve your healing and connection to Iboga.


Housed in a beautiful retreat center in the spiritual hotspot of Todos Santos, IbogaSoul retreats offer luxury accommodation, nutritious chef-cooked meals, and consciously curated ceremony spaces.

Image by Denys Nevozhai

The Retreat

Each IbogaSoul retreat includes preparation coaching, health screenings, multiple Iboga ceremonies conducted in strict accordance with traditional methods, a supportive community, personalized journey guides, a ‘spiritual shower’, and options for post-integrative support and coaching. 

The process of healing with Iboga can be a difficult journey, albeit with rewards far greater than one can imagine. One of these gifts is the way the spirit of the medicine continues to work with people after their session is complete.

Featured in the award-winning 2019 documentary DOSED as specialists in the plant-medicine frontier, Mark and Robyn are Bwiti initiates with the honor and duty of bringing traditional Iboga ceremony and healing to the West.
Cracked Mud


"Iboga will easily cut through the clutter and nonsense to give you your very own personalized answers to your most pressing issues that need to be resolved – and that’s just the beginning.

If you feel like you want to turn your life around then this is a very good place to start.  Mark and Robyn will support and guide you the entire way."

The Struggle is Real.

Discover The SOULution.

If you struggle with relationships, confidence, negative thinking patterns, childhood trauma, lack of self-love or self-awareness, setting boundaries, blocks to achieving goals or to just feeling okay, the answer often requires a spiritual lens. Whether you are a seasoned spiritual  being or just encountering this framework for the first time, IbogaSoul can guide the integration of your physical and spiritual selves. When you know who you are you will know what you want and how to get it. 

with happiness, clarity and peace of mind.
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