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Why we wash your soul at IbogaSoul retreats

If asked you how many times you have had a bath or shower to cleanse your body over your lifetime you would be stumped.

Countless times could be your response.

Keeping the physical body clean is taught at a young age. Personal hygiene is a staple in becoming a self reliant adult.

For those of us who have grown up in the westernized world there is a large piece to our personal hygiene that is completely off the radar:

Soul hygiene.

What do you imagine happens to your soul when it has endured a lifetime of sticky, icky, heavy, slimy, stinky negative gunk due to :

1. Unawareness of your own soul,
2. The lack of knowledge in how to properly cleanse said soul.

Well, your soul voice (that's intuition for your new age lovies ;) ) begins to be drowned out by the layers of spiritual/energetic grime. This 'grime' is collected through every interaction with another spirit or soul (human). Through the passage of time that is your very life you must consider the opportunity to cleanse your soul. This is spiritual responsibility as we enter into a new way of being on the planet.

The benefits of soul hygiene are infinite and immeasurable. However, please know that immediate positive effects begin once you decide to focus on maintaining cleanliness on the spiritual level.

At IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing there is a dedication to follow and uphold the spiritual tradition of Gabon, Africa; Bwiti. We work with spirits of the water and nature to bring about positive shifts in peoples lives. The most important items to note with this particular ritual are:

1. Be sincere in your asking,
2. Never look back to what you've asked to leave behind at the water,
3. Follow the (spiritual) rules (law).

If you are curious to learn more about the specific spiritual shower every guest received at an IbogaSoul retreat please follow the link below:

yours in sincerity,

May you bless this Earth with peace by virtue of being your authentic self,

Robyn K. Howard



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