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At IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with those seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and the worlds around us. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you will receive regular updates about our upcoming retreats, as well as insights and teachings from our experienced team of healers.

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Who We Are

At IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing, we believe that our practice is more than just healing—we are committed to building a community of individuals who share in the pursuit of growth and self-discovery. We strive to create a space where individuals can heal and feel a sense of belonging. Our approach combines ancient techniques with modern practices, allowing for a more holistic approach to healing.

Bwiti is the Study of Life. Iboga is the Teacher. 

Bwiti (bwee-tee) is the centuries old spiritual tradition of the Babongo Tribe of Gabon. Mark and Robyn have received complete Bwiti initiation and maintain the full integrity of these practices, honoring Bwiti as a complete methodology. They have the blessing and mandate from their Gabonese teachers to bring this healing to those in the west.


All IbogaSoul retreats provide guests with the opportunity to meet this medicine in an authentic way that honors its origins.

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