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The power of Iboga and wisdom of Bwiti is not as secret as it once was. As the West’s disconnection and discontent has led to addiction and anxiety epidemics many have turned to plant-medicine for answers, and media has taken note. Robyn and Mark have been featured in multiple award-winning documentaries and TV series on this healing frontier. 

What people are saying about

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Image by Dewang Gupta

Anita, 2017

“I came to IbogaSoul to help heal myself of addiction in the sphere of dependency and fear of abandonment. The process has totally rewired my brain. I recently felt these things leave. It was a very profound experience and life-changing as well. The care provided here was wonderful."
Image by Allef Vinicius

Rachel Skillen (Paul), 2022

"You will cry, you will laugh, you’ll likely purge through the discomfort of metamorphosis, but the clarity and healing effects from the process makes it all infinitely worthwhile."
Image by Dewang Gupta

Karen, 2017

“It was worth everything I have ever possessed in my whole life.... If you are ready to face yourself and accept that the way you think is keeping you in darkness at this point, you will move on with the help of Iboga.”

Scintillate Your Soul with the IbogaSoul blog! 

Bwiti inspiration, Iboga information, and helpful integration. 

Mark represented IbogaSoul and was featured on an expert pre conference panel at the 10th annual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in Vancouver BC Nov 4-6, 2022.

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