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IbogaSoul Experience Testimonial

While it’s hard to put words towards an experience that is difficult to explain, I will try because the results were so life-changing and transformational to my life.

IBOGA is an experience like none other. I’ve done 4 ceremonies now and each one was different. The first ceremony was what I refer to as my “brain enema”. Iboga cleared out 40+ years of crap that I’d been telling myself. I had been taking anti-depressants for years and recently had been prescribed Xanax to help with my anxiety. Western medicine provided zero tools as to why I had been experiencing such debilitating anxiety and depression and after following doctor’s orders, as we are taught to humbly do in our society, I had actually created more of a problem in my brain! I still was not even remotely close to understanding the WHY of my anxiety and depression. These conditions aren’t just scrapes on the knee that need a little antibacterial ointment and a Band-Aid to get us back in action. They’re so much deeper than that – and for my own healing path I had to go much deeper to heal them. Thank God for IBOGA and the supportive love of Mark and Robyn at Ibogasoul.

The safety and comfort of Robyn’s patient maternal lovingness coupled with the strong, clear, and no BS direct guidance and wisdom that flows through Mark is truly a Divine combination and powerful alchemy. You will cry, you will laugh, you’ll likely purge through the discomfort of metamorphosis, but the clarity and healing effects from the process makes it all infinitely worthwhile.

The emotional preparation that Robyn provides both before and after the retreats were essential aspects of my integration of the lessons that IBOGA revealed to me. My second, third, and fourth ceremonies each held within them additional jewels of revelation and understanding into my own experience with my human condition. I was able to connect and heal through some childhood challenges and also heal key aspects of my relationship with my dear father. I know he is with us Mark and he sees your work with IBOGA and feels so incredibly proud of you for the man you’ve become.

So I encourage you to join the few who have had the courage and willingness to get real with their own reality of what’s really going on with their lives and why we are all here to begin with.

Love has now become so much more than a word or even an action to me now. I see Love as my way of life. I know that sounds pretty hippie-chick, and if I’d heard myself say that 3 years ago I probably would’ve rolled my eyes, but it really is my experience now – when I continue to choose love again and again. As the Howard’s say, just keep driving in the love lane! Thank you Mark & Robyn – thank you.

~Rachel Skillen


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