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Robyn and Mark met on the way to Gabon, West Africa, each on their own healing journey.


Years later, after both completing intense shamanic training and initiation into the Bwiti tradition, they returned to West Africa to get married, and embarked on a shared mission to heal. 

Image by Matt Palmer


Professional Expertise

IbogaSoul is the culmination of Mark and Robyn's personal journeys and professional expertise, and they are dedicated to bringing the deep wisdom of the Bwiti tradition to the many in the West who are so in need of healing.


They are providers of the sacred root medicine, carriers of the ancient Bwiti tradition, and initiates who have undergone comprehensive training in the safe and effective administration of Iboga.


They are pioneers in the plant medicine community, and have received extensive media coverage as psychedelic healing gains mainstream interest, including being featured in the popular TV series Veracity- the Psychedelic Frontier and the award-winning 2019 documentary DOSED, the story of a young woman’s search for relief from opiate addiction through plant-medicine. 





Deeply rooted in his training by the Gabonese shamans, Mark fiercely upholds these traditions in the western world. He spent five years in Vancouver, BC with his team treating hundreds of people in medically supervised sessions using specific rituals and ceremonies to heal the body, mind and soul.

Mark Howard specializes in providing Iboga root bark, as well as its total alkaloid extract, through the lens of the Bwiti spiritual tradition. He has assisted countless people in meeting Iboga in an authentic way supported by the traditional spiritual values taught to him by Bwiti shamans of Gabon, Africa.  Travelling to Gabon on his first initiatory trip he met Robyn and they were spiritually married in the village two years later. Mark has been given the blessing to carry Iboga and offers a unique medicine by virtue of having done his personal healing work for many years with the medicine and Bwiti tradition. He graciously welcomed the film team of Dosed and helped Adrianne face herself which has opened the doors for many in the West. Currently Mark and his team at IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing provide medicine retreats in the powerful healing location that is Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

Robyn is a healer, spiritual guide and integration coach and specializes in ancestral divination. She is a humble servant of the medicine and guides her clients back towards themselves and their own inner wisdom.


She has an intimate knowledge of the Bwiti tradition and touches upon the ancient art of Dagara ancestral divination as taught by the late Elder Malidoma Somé. Robyn highlights the importance of integrating the lessons learned in Iboga ceremonies into a client’s everyday life, and provides ongoing integration coaching post-retreat. 






All our retreats provide guests with experienced guides, on-call medical support, and a culinary magician. 

Fletcher Burdick

Iboga Apprentice

Fletcher Burdick is a plant medicine practitioner and an apprentice of Iboga under the guidance of Mark and Robyn Howard. With a personal connection to the healing power of plant medicines, Burdick has used iboga and other remedies to overcome his own struggles with addiction. As a result of his transformative experience, Burdick has made it his mission to help others find the same path to healing and recovery.

He is dedicated to exploring the powerful healing properties of plants, and is passionate about helping others connect with their soul and reach their full potential. With a focus on personal growth and self-discovery, Fletcher's work with Iboga and other plant medicines is aimed at facilitating deep healing and spiritual transformation for those seeking it. He is grateful for the opportunity to be a student of the Iboga medicine and is honored to be a part of the IbogaSoul team.


Paige West

Iboga Apprentice

Paije began as a traditional full-spectrum doula in the birth community serving as a birth, postpartum and loss doula. Her healing journey with sacred plants and molecules started nearly a decade ago, seeking to heal from substance abuse disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD and beyond. After leaving traditional doula work behind, Paije founded Third Eye Doula...a transformational wellness brand that offers psychedelic experiences to facilitate growth and expansion, along with education and training.  

Paije finds passion in holding space and creating safe containers for her clients to evolve and cross thresholds within the human experience using the doula model of care as a foundation for her work with psychedelics. She honors both the clinical model of care along with earth based practices to create an intersection of healing that allows for science, research and spirituality to co-exist.


Paije is a Bwiti initiate with an intimate understanding of ibogaine and its indigenous roots in West Africa. She is honored to continue her education and training with the seasoned iboga providers of IbogaSoul.

Medical Support Staff

Jill has worked as a nurse for 10 years in Canada before leaving to pursue her soul's purpose as an artist, here in Baja.  Jill's medical support is a valuable presence on site during IbogaSoul Ceremonies.  She brings a calm and open energy providing a sense of safety throughout the process.

IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing maintains integrity regarding guests' physical safety and employs medical support staff during ceremony and recovery days. On call nurse/doctor is available 24/7 during your stay. 

Image by Patty Brito


Culinary Magician

Beli has been cooking for 13 years.  Her passion and commitment to nourishment is felt through her culinary gift.  IbogaSoul guests are amazed by the uniqueness and quality of session meals and Beli will always curate meals according to dietary requests.  When she's not cooking at our sessions, Beli operates La Belxicana" taco stand, spends time with her family, and is always in the kitchen. 

Kristin Nuttal

Registered Thai Therapist, Cranial Sacral Practitioner, and Doula 

Kristin Nuttall, RTT, BCST  is a holistic therapies practitioner from BC, Canada with over 20 years in practice and teaching work. Her focus spans from working with athletes to assisting different forms of detox and recovering trauma to also offering doula care in pre and postpartum and working with children, including babies. Kristin now lives and works between Cabo and Todos Santos.

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