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the Study of Life


Bwiti is the primary spiritual discipline of many peoples of Gabon and the surrounding areas in West Africa. 

Modern Bwiti incorporates animism, deep connections to nature and to ancestors, a focus on presence, and Iboga as the sacred healer. In Bwiti, Iboga is sacrament, medicine and teacher. It is said that Iboga chose to be with those living the Bwiti way and offered to reveal the truth of things to those in harmony with nature. 



Eternal Truths

Bwiti is an ancestral spiritual path, open to those who approach it with integrity, humility and respect. 

Bwiti can be translated to “the school of life”. What greater gift do we have than life itself? To begin this journey is to be a student of life, and to embrace a spiritual path that has been held sacred by many tribes, survived centuries of colonialism, and is now spreading its lessons to many around the world. 

Robyn and Mark are students and teachers of this path and have dedicated their lives to maintaining the integrity and practices of true Bwiti ways and ceremonies. 


The administration of Iboga in all IbogaSoul ceremonies follows traditional Bwiti ways and wisdom, and all Iboga and Total Alkaloid Extract used is grown and processed under Bwiti Shamanic care.


’Bwiti talk’ is 

Real Talk.

First and foremost, Bwiti is an oral tradition. In IbogaSoul sessions the talk is as important as the medicine. Healing work happens in the container of ceremony with the aid of Bwiti counseling, not just on a visionary quest. Bwiti talk facilitates ‘instagration’, the instant integration of your experience.


Breakthroughs happen at all and any stage. Robyn and Mark are full Bwiti oral practitioners, and guide clients through a complete experience of Bwiti coaching. It’s a full journey, not just a trip. 

Whole Iboga

for Whole People

Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga) is a shrub native to west Africa and central to ceremonial practices in many African cultures.

While Ibogaine has gained fame in the western medical community as an addiction and withdrawal treatment, it is just one separated alkaloid from whole Iboga root bark matter.


Iboga medicine used for traditional ceremonial purposes is made from whole root bark, containing the full spectrum of alkaloids naturally found in the plant.


"we seek the fire of the spark

that is already within us."

-Kamand Kojouri

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