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Sacred Space

IbogaSoul is committed to creating a safe space to experience Iboga healing in integrity with Bwiti traditions.  

We strive to provide separate sessions for withdrawal management and psycho-spiritual attendees.


Your transformation starts here.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

All our retreats provide guests with on-call medical support, experienced guides and traditionally processed Total Alkaloid Iboga Extract straight from Gabon, Africa.


All IbogaSoul retreats take place in an incredible retreat center in the stunning and healing town of Todos Santos. Our spaces are consciously curated to support our guests in a profound and caring way, holding each individual in a safe space as they undergo your own journey.

We provide a full retreat to experience the psycho-spiritual healing of Iboga for personal growth and expansion. We refer detox/withdrawal management clients to a trusted ibogaine facility before welcoming them for psycho-spiritual work.

Looking for help with detox and withdrawal?

Not sure which is right for you?



The Details

  • Retreat capacity is ranges depending on location. 5 - 10 guests.

  • Participant medical results must be approved by our medical team prior to program acceptance.

  • All retreats are led by traditionally trained Iboga providers initiated in the Bwiti tradition.

  • Accommodations consist of private rooms and shared living spaces. About our Center

  • Both whole Iboga root bark and Total Alkaloid extract (T.A.) may be used.

  • Individual consultation and counselling is provided for each guest before and during sessions.

  • Integrative workshops are an integral part of each retreat, with Bwiti inspired ‘Instagration’ workshops offered on integration days. 

  • Chef prepared meals are provided throughout the retreat, with locally sourced food whenever possible.

  • All 8-day retreats include a Spiritual Shower, a foundational ritual in Bwiti tradition to energetically cleanse and reset. The Power of the Shower: More about Spiritual Showers

  • Post retreat counselling to assist with integration is available for those needing continued support.

Image by Bradley Dunn

Take it With You and Let it Live Within You. 

Post-Integrative coaching keeps you in the love lane and integrates the medicine into your daily life.  Coaching developed with Bwiti principles by initiated Bwiti counselors provides holistic post-retreat integration. 


You are a SOUL with a mind and a body to experience and create in the physical world.


The Iboga medicine, in concert with our shamanistic healing structures, acts as a unifier between the physical mind/body and the soul. Our guests become one with themselves,  and go on to paint the masterpiece of their lives in happiness, clarity and peace of mind.

The best gift you can give yourself is the connection back to you, after that everything else flows into place.

Your journey starts here.



Transmuting Pain

If there are blocks in your life due to past trauma, depression, anxiety or confusion, there is a disconnection from your spiritual self.


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