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for Whole People

Iboga (Tabernanthe iboga) is a shrub native to west Africa and central to ceremonial practices in many African cultures. 

While Ibogaine, or ibogaine hydrochloride, has gained fame in the western medical community as an addiction and withdrawal treatment, it is just one separated alkaloid from whole Iboga root bark matter. It has been extracted and synthesized with 95-99% purity, and passes through the system more quickly than whole Iboga medicine, leaving less of an “afterglow”.


It is a powerful tool in treating acute addiction withdrawal and detox. We recommend Ibogaine facilities for those looking for acute detox assistance prior to considering an IbogaSoul Iboga retreat for psycho-spiritual healing.

Not sure which is right for you?

Iboga medicine used for traditional ceremonial purposes is made from whole root bark, containing the full spectrum of alkaloids naturally found in the plant. In many traditional ceremonies, the fibrous root bark is consumed itself, requiring one to ingest large amounts of the bark to reach a therapeutic dose. 

Total Alkaloid Extract is a concentrate of all the chemicals (or alkaloids) found in the Iboga root bark, maintaining their balance and influence and providing a complete Iboga experience.

This full spectrum plant extract contains important co-psychogenic properties, with each compound interacting with the others to create a combined effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Total Alkaloid


Mark likes to explain this concept as the Total Alkaloid Healing Party. 


Imagine looking forward to a family reunion, all the anticipation of connecting and sharing stories with your extended family, and then only your cousin Vinnie shows up! While Ibogaine can be incredibly helpful, its just not the same as having the total alkaloid healing party at the show!



Party for Everyone

IbogaSoul is dedicated to bringing this Total Alkaloid healing to each of our clients. We use an extract from raw root bark that maintains the original compound balance called Total Alkaloid Extract (T.A.).


This extract makes it easier for the western palate to consume the amount needed for therapeutic purposes, and the spirit of Iboga remains intact. Special rituals are performed during the extraction process to assure the spiritual integrity and connection with the physical compounds, which is vital for full healing.


Rooted in Tradition

and Traditionally Processed

All Iboga used by IbogaSoul has been grown in the traditional village environment under shamanic care and undergoes crucial ceremonies at every stage of the plant’s life, from planting to harvesting. This honoring of the spirit of Iboga keeps the spirit medicine intact within the physical root bark. Paramount in our success as providers, this keeps the spiritual gateway open for our allies on the other side to assist us in cleaning bodies and minds. 

Dosing is not determined by body weight, but rather a sophisticated system designed for westerners by Bwiti shamans based on a guest’s unique tolerance in combination with medical testing and supervision. 


Contact us to learn about the specific medical tests required in our program application process.


Iboga plant in Gabon

We do not promote or encourage people to self-administer Iboga under any circumstances, especially with medicine from unknown sources.


Iboga is medicine not food. If individuals choose to micro-dose with root bark that is at their personal discretion and not under IbogaSoul protocols. 

We do not sell Iboga.

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