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The Power of the Shower:

A Spiritual Shower for True Release 

The spiritual shower is the first shower all newborn babies receive in the Bwiti tradition, preparing their spirit and body for the new human experience ahead. It is a beautiful, unique and revitalizing ceremony traditionally done in a river, with specific herbs that cleanse the body as well as the spirit, such as Makosa and African pygmy paste.


Due to weather constraints in the western world, Ibogasoul leaders have been specially trained to conduct indoor spiritual showers with the same spiritually cleansing herbs used in outdoor ceremonies.

The spiritual shower allows us to let go of all that no longer serves us. We are asked to release the past and envision the life and state of mind we wish to call in. We move forward without looking back.


As Bwiti initiated and trained providers, we will wash your physical body to cleanse your energetic field as well. This practice must be done with full sincerity and commitment, with specific steps taken to move stagnant, built-up energy from within. Through this washing, we experience a symbolic shedding of old thought patterns, behaviors and stories. The spiritual shower is intended to bring the mind, body and soul to our original state of purity.


After a long workday what do you do? Have a shower to clean your body, erasing the remnants of the day. But what about cleansing your soul? 

Going through life without any regard for spiritually cleansing is akin to leaving a soiled diaper on a baby and only changing his clothes! Imagine how dramatically the baby’s mood and physical wellbeing would be affected. Any glimpses of happiness would be fleeting as the nagging ‘pain in his bum’ would constantly be there. The baby would fuss and scream, dropping hints that something’s amiss, without knowing how to tell his caregivers that he’s dirty. 


Why Shower?

As an adult you make your own choices, invite people into your life and decide where and what you spend your time doing. All of these choices affect your physical mind-body as well as your soul/spirit/higher self/energy/chi/prana. Each interaction builds up an energetic residue much like dirt and bacteria builds up on the body during physical labour.


Your soul reacts much the same way, except its hints come in the form of mental and/or physical health issues, relationship issues, drama, loss of financial security, confidence peace or harmony.


People who have only been taught how to live in the physical world are missing this vital piece of spiritual self-care. It is vital to cleanse your spiritual self of all the ‘dirty’ negative energies you accumulate, whether through sexual relationships, negative thinking patterns or any external situations. 


A spiritual shower offers the ‘bather’ an opportunity to literally wash away the negatives in one’s life, and to set new positive intentions moving forward.


Guests are guided to ask that all negatives within be washed away, and to invite in an abundance of positive life experiences. We work with very powerful spirits for this ceremony and many of our guests report feeling “light, refreshed, happy and cleaner than they ever have in their entire lives” afterwards.


The keys to an effective spiritual shower:

  • Spiritually connected and skilled Bwiti provider

  • Total sincerity in one’s intentions to release negatives and bring about positives


It’s easy to keep the beneficial effects from your spiritual shower by:

  • Keeping your mind clean, positive and peaceful.

  • Listening to and acting on the guidance from your soul.

  • Being aware of who, where and what kinds of energies you put yourself around, (especially sexual partners)



When the spiritual shower is completed with 110% sincerity the bather is freed from past spiritual residue. A spiritual shower once per year is a great way to keep clear and on track. 

*Only our 8 day session includes a spiritual shower. 


"Bodies are cleansed by water; the mind in purified by truth."

-Horace Mann

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