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Nurturing Roots: 2023 Highlights from Blessings of the Forest

Blessings of the Forest (BOTF) is an incredible organization dedicated to preserving the Bwiti tradition and supporting the communities in Gabon, West Africa. As someone deeply connected to the spiritual healing practices of Iboga and the Bwiti tradition, I am excited to share the remarkable achievements of BOTF in supporting the fair and equitable sharing of benefits from genetic resources and Gabonese ancestral knowledge.

Blessings of the Forest and IbogaSoul share a profound connection through the Bwiti tradition, the spiritual backbone for many communities in Gabon. This sacred tradition forms the heart of our healing practices, guiding us to uncover our true selves and find lasting happiness and health.

Through the power of stepping into my personal healing journey I had the honour of meeting Yann Guignon, the Founding Member and Vice President of BOTF, whose work has been instrumental in bridging our worlds and forging a bond that continues to inspire and strengthen our shared mission.

Here are the achievements of BOTF in 2023:

Beyond Local Impact, BOTF's mission extends beyond local communities, promoting the Bwiti tradition globally, advocating for medicinal plant agroforestry, traditional healthcare, and crafts.

You can explore more:

You can also watch the inspiring documentary "Guardians of the Forest"

Click the link for the French Version:

In the documentary, you will meet "Mambongo," a revered expert in the medicinal properties of tropical vegetation. As he prepares for traditional Bwiti ceremonies, Mambongo meets with forest protectors who face threats from the forestry industry. He learns to defend the Congo Basin forest, home to the world's largest carbon reserve. This forest symbolizes spiritual regeneration when respected and protected.

In the fall of 2023 I had the honour and privilege of travelling to Gabon, Africa for my 5th time — I went through a full initiation with Master Ghekado, a Bwiti shaman

The goal of IbogaSoul is to connect deeply with this age-old spiritual tradition from the west of Africa, a tradition now backed by modern science. Iboga medicine provides radical psycho-spiritual healing, offering the potential for dramatic transformation in your life. You are not chained to your current reality. You are not destined to remain disconnected but to become whole, joyous, and free.

Reading this is no coincidence. If you feel called to explore the transformative power of Iboga and the Bwiti tradition, I invite you to book a 30-minute complimentary call with IbogaSoul.

Let's embark on a journey toward healing and self-discovery together.

Mark Howard

IbogaSoul CoFounder and Provider



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