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Earth Day Love

Updated: May 16

I work in the garden as our son plays in the dirt. Imagine that adding water and seeds to our brilliant planet Earths soil, allowing sunlight and providing some focused attention to our goals we create a life full of richness, growth and nourishment.

Life is truly a gift.

Some questions I ponder this week of Earth Day then following with my 35th Birthday are:

How is life on Earth so perfect, naturally?

Why has humanity allowed such negativity into our experience?

How can I love myself more this year? (because this is the only way to truly show love to others)

Good questions to ask and items of which plant medicines can help us in uncovering within ourselves.

The truth is that when Iboga works with me I am able to be fully present and use my mind for the functions it’s made for. The spiritual traditional truths from the Bwiti tradition are my ‘manual’ for living life these days.

Being curious, paying attention to my senses and creating a myriad of new questions as the study of real life unfolds in front of my eyes, nose, ears and heart. This medicine if for uncovering truth which always begins with your personal life. After the layers have been revealed and personal values actuated in your mindset Iboga can continue to aid in exploring the very essence of life itself!

This All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat includes:

  • Health Screening & Preparatory Support

  • 2 Iboga Ceremonies honouring the Bwiti spiritual tradition of Gabon, Africa

  • On-site medical support

  • 2 Full Recovery Days post ceremony supported by IbogaSoul providers & staff

  • 2 Integrative Days including 1:1 & group counselling, off-site excursion to the beach, on-site exploration of 200 acre medicinal forest and caves.

  • Traditional Spiritual ’Shower Ritual Missousou’ | Cleanses your Soul.

  • On-site chef prepared meals with local ingredients | Vegan/Vegetarian options Available.

  • On-site Botanical Tour of Medicinal Plants

  • Access to on-site pool

  • Airport transfers to and from retreat

  • Post Integrative Group Zoom Call (option for post integrative coaching)

If you have any questions or want to apply for this offering please click the button below.

We look forward to supporting your Earthly journey.



PS: Thanks for all the birthday love! xo


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