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IbogaSoul; Real People Living Life

The truth is that Mark and I have a lot going on in our life. 3 children, travelling between Canada and Mexico providing Iboga retreats and everything else in-between.

I imagine that as you read this there might be a plethora of distractions around. I get it! We are human being working so hard at being human doings!

Life is a journey where there is not final destination that will usher in ultimate peace, love and tranquility as so many media sources might promise. There are, however, glimpses of what that experience is during the being of human experiences.

Iboga has proven a worth while healing agent in our lives and the Bwiti tradition has offered much to reflect upon. A Bwiti truth of “think easy and life becomes easy” is demonstrated to me by the youngest child Eden. He is the epitome of being present and thinking easy. Of course, ‘adulting’ has its responsibilities that cannot be overlooked but there is something of the magical that exudes out of my experience when I tap into the present moment alongside my son … it is where everything is happening. (Right now Eden is walking about the living room shaking a rattle and babbling/laughing!). Life is a gift (another Bwiti truth) Bassé (acknowledgment of truth)

Here’s a link to book a complementary call with me. Real life Robyn. No pretence. Just a human to human conversation where I may be able to offer retreat options and insight into your quest for healing.

Looking forward to connecting, Warmly, Robyn K Howard <3


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