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IbogaSoul Welcomes You To Todos Santos, Mexico


The last few years have rocked everyones worlds. Worldwide lockdowns caused undue stress, trauma and isolation to people around the globe.

Prior to this our retreat company was featured in an award winning documentary (Dosed 2019 // which highlighted the healing benefits we offer.

As the film was beginning to tour the world we were alerted of global shutdowns which forced us to cancel all upcoming retreats. During these times we have taken a step back, cared for our families, sat in stillness as well as the feelings of uncertainty, fear, gratitude, overwhelm and humility. We helped students become teachers and continue on our ever expanding quest for knowledge and wisdom gained through life experiences.

Fast forward to 2022; we gratefully announce the reopening of our temple doors in the oasis of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico! A pristine wonderland of Earths creations sea-side, surrounded by cactus protectors and remaining ever glorious.

We are accepting applications for the remaining 2022 schedule and into 2023. Click here to inquire about these offerings.

Mr & Mrs Mark Howard at their traditional Bwiti spiritual wedding in Gabon, Africa

IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing Ltd. founders, Mark and Robyn Howard, initiated into the Bwiti tradition late 2013 which is also where they met and underwent a spiritual wedding two years later in Gabon, Africa. The couple are lifetime students of the medicine and tradition. They honour and share the Bwiti tradition with their children and within the ceremony container maintaining focus on clients personal healing and connection to the medicine.

Mark has become an active media personality in helping people become aware of Ibogas healing potential through the lense of the Bwiti spiritual tradition through the aforementioned documentary and several podcasts.

To top it off Mark was featured in a Canadian television series that showcased psychedelic medicines to help people suffering from PTSD, a milestone for nationwide awareness on the effects of traditional spiritual plant medicines to help in mental health arena.

Veracity; The Psychedelic Frontier is available to stream free on YouTube.

Thank you for taking the time to get up to speed with IbogaSouls work. Please reach out. We would love to connect. Warmly, Robyn & Mark Howard


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