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"Unlocking Inner Healing: The Benefits of a Jamaica Iboga Retreat in May"

IbogaSoul Shamanic Healing is very excited to announce a new retreat location in tropical Montego Bay, Jamaica! Guests will enjoy an easeful 20-minute airport transfer from Sangster International Airport (MBJ) to a 200-acre jungle oasis.

Upcoming Retreat Dates: May 21 - 28, 2024

(More 2024 dates to be announced soon!)

The island of Jamaica and Gabon, Africa, cherish a deep connection to our one planet Earth. This powerful medicine comes from the depths of Gabonese jungles where it grows alongside 1000s of other medicinal plants. At a private retreat centre, we have the opportunity to learn from on-site herbal masters from Jamaica and utilize the healing benefits of not only Iboga, but the plethora of flora available in this tropical paradise.

Truly blessed.

This All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat includes:

  • Health Screening & Preparatory Support

  • 2 Iboga Ceremonies honouring the Bwiti spiritual tradition of Gabon, Africa

  • On-site medical support

  • Options of Private King Suite (4), Private Queen Suite (4), Shared Queen Bedroom on first come first serve basis (2)

  • 2 Full Recovery Days post ceremony supported by IbogaSoul providers & staff

  • 2 Integrative Days including 1:1 & group counselling, off-site excursion to the beach, on-site exploration of 200 acre medicinal forest and caves. *Optional add-ons of spa visit & horseback riding available.

  • Traditional Spiritual ’Shower Ritual Missousou’ | Cleanses your Soul.

  • On-site chef prepared meals with local ingredients | Vegan/Vegetarian options available

  • On-site Botanical Tour of Medicinal Plants

  • Private Ancestral Divination with Retreat Leader, Robyn

  • Access to on-site pool

  • Airport transfers to and from retreat

  • Post Integrative Group Zoom Call (option for post integrative coaching)

Ancestral Divination with Robyn

Lounge poolside with beautiful views


All-Inclusive Retreat Package Prices based on Lodging:

  • *Prices in USD + applicable taxes

  • *Rooms available on a first come first served basis Private King Suite @ $5500 (4 available) Private Queen Suite @ $4700 (4 available) Shared Queen Room @ $3600/person (2 available)


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