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“Something in me very badly wants to live …” Guest Testimonial

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We hosted an incredible human at a recent retreat. He took the time to write this honest testimonial a few weeks post retreat.


"I finally hit rock bottom last year.

I was full of so much pain. I’d cover it up any way I could, usually with pornography, women, or food. I could barely get out of bed, keep a part time job, or even digest anything.

I really didn’t think I’d be around much longer. I still hadn’t lived yet though.

I’m only 34.

Something in me very badly wants to live so I followed my intuition and went to Ibogasoul.


Mark and Robyn talked with me a lot in the weeks before my trip, and it just felt more and more like what I needed to do. The location was perfect, the pictures really can’t convey how otherworldly and hauntingly beautiful it is there.


I did three sessions, and I really would recommend doing as many as you can.

Robyn and Mark had my back the whole time I was there and I made a lot of new friends.


I really didn’t understand how much tension I had stored in my body until I got there. It all started just unwinding. All those trivial petty things I was so concerned with on a daily basis had just built up in me over the years like scar tissue.

I had cut myself off from my own soul.


Iboga reconnected me with my feelings, showed me how important we all are, and that life is Not trivial, that it is so worth being here. Iboga showed me that we all matter. So much. It showed me something I had forgotten, that we are all loved more than you could possibly imagine.


If you are thinking of going here, don’t think too much.

Stop, and listen to your intuition. That’s the only way you’ll find the truth."



You can choose a time to talk with us about experiencing Iboga. We are here to support your curiosity, expansion and healing.

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Robyn K. Howard

IbogaSoul Co-Founder

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